Recording Studio

Our Recording Studio is named as Rhythm and Poetry (RAP) Studio and it is taken care by dedicated and passionate audio engineers. Coaching and training on recording, studio engineering , mixing and mastering happens in the same recording studio where Students are allowed to use the studio to complete their own projects or any personal musical work. At times studio takes up commercial projects ranging from small to big, where in every project students indulge & work and witness to see the working scenario, which helps them to known the methodology and working procedures of a recording studio. We at RAP Studio help musicians to realize their dreams of recording their songs in a professional yet affordable way. We are one of the recording studios in Chennai to sponsor platform for the youngsters to showcase their skills and talents. We offer all the services necessary for an artist to record and complete a project; be it a song, album, audio book, programming, short films, sound effects or any mixing and mastering works.

We have all the tools you need to make your musical dreams become reality, all you have to do is apply yourself. Our friendly engineers are professional and easy to work with. Whether you are recording a single, a cover song or an album you will feel right at home here.